Miss Biscuit relaxing in her favorite pose on a cool afternoon  
Wooly Bear
Miss Biscuit
Miss Biscuit hails from a small town northwest of Houston called Chapel Hill. There, she was mentored in poetry by Simone Raccoon, a self-taught artist who took Miss Biscuit under her wing. Since joining Poetry Dogs, Miss Biscuit has written four books that tell of growing up in hard times and then finding love and happiness with her new family. Miss Biscuit is currently on sabbatical from writing, taking time to enjoy life after the arduous, emotionally-draining task of writing the books. She spends her time hunting, playing at the lake, singing, and wrestling with Lady Daisy.
The first book in The Life and Rhymes of Miss Biscuit series, My Buddy was named a finalist in Foreword Indies Book of the Year Award, National Indie Excellence Award, and USA Best Books Award
In this image, Miss Biscuit meets the ducks who will warn her if anyone comes her way. Click to learn more about the artist Jessica Dupree
Wooly Bear
Lucas has writen his first book!
Mr. Lucas
Born in Mandeville, Louisiana and raised on the Sugar City Plantation in Sugar Land, Texas, Lucas is one of our most prolific authors. He writes novels and, of course, poetry, but also excels at changing the lyrics of popular songs to tell stories. While he can sometimes be light-hearted, his tales tend to be more emotional than his peers. His musical favorites include Paul McCartney and Graham Nash, and his writing has been influenced by John Steinbeck and John Kennedy Toole. When he’s not working on literary pursuits, Lucas enjoys time with family and friends, running in the park, swimming, and relaxing in his leather rocking chair.
An open letter to the Lords of Publishing:
Dear Sir or Madame,
A poet I am
A book I'm starting to write
I've captured our times
Each told in fine rhymes
A world where fancy takes flight
I'll beg and I'll dance
Just give me a chance
And hire me this very day
I'll send you each verse
For better or worse
As long as you promise to pay
Best regards,
Mr. Lucas
Wooly Bear isn't satisfied with just one chew toy
Wooly Bear
Wooly Bear was born on the mean streets of East Houston and was initially hired as a guard dog for the Brown City Inn. Soon, his colorful stories took the owners of the Inn by storm, and Wooly was promoted to their marketing department. Since joining Poetry Dogs, Wooly has gone paw to paw with Mr. Lucas in several literary contests and the two have developed a bit of a rivalry. His stories tend toward the outrageous, leaving some to believe he embellishes from time to time. His first song was influenced by Johnny Cash, but he enjoys listening to hip-hop and jazz.  Wooly Bear enjoys outings with his brother Guy Phratees, wrestling with Lady Daisy (much to Mr. Lucas’ dismay), playing music on his squeak toy, and a good game of tug-of-war.
Woodchip Mountain Blues
(with thanks to Johnny Cash)
I hear Guy Phratees coming
He scampers round the bend
If I can't climb the woodpile
My spirit will descend
I'm up on Woodchip Mountain
Happy as can be
My friends are all a'playin'
Running wild and free
I see Lucas a comin’
He’s headed right toward me
I pro’bly should be runnin’
His temper is nasty
I’m trapped on Woodchip Mountain
With no hiding place
Phratees please come save me
He might mess up my face

- Wooly Bear
Wooly Bear is hard at work on his first book. He thinks it will be finished by Halloween 2018
Lady Daisy hunting mice at the Brazos River
Nothing is indestructable when it comes to Lady Daisy
Lady Daisy
Daisy, like her brother Lucas, was born in Louisiana and raised in Texas. Daisy is our musical director, leading the Poetry Dogs in daily choir practice.. She writes from time to time, but doesn’t have a burning desire to work at her craft. She believes in and lives by the motto: Life is short, play hard. Between bouts of wrestling with Miss Biscuit and Wooly Bear, she likes to play hide and seek, tunnel under the wood deck, dance with Miss Biscuit, run through fields of tall flowers, and chew on cow bones.
Wooly Bear
Guy Phrates is the main character in Mr. Lucas' "Freckled and Speckled" book. In this image, Wooly Bear convinces Guy that a tan will help him fit in..
Guy Phratees
Guy Phratees is one of our younger members, but his flair for style and creative abilities led to a clothing design business which has greatly helped the team’s finances. He started out stealing items from the laundry bin, stitching together patchwork quilts and then quickly branched out into vests and capes. From there, he moved on to jackets and ties and now has a strong online marketing presence. He has struggled to launch his literary career, penning a few lines yet unable to weave them into a full-length story. He enjoys spending time with his brother, Wooly Bear, and his friends, though you are most likely to find him perched like a mountain lion on the back of his favorite couch surveying the happenings outside the Brown City Inn.
Wooly Bear
Miss Kodi
Miss Kodi, the matriarch of the Poetry Dogs, provides much-needed discipline and training for the young staff. Kodi likes to write about beautiful morning walks and adventures, and has also written a few songs. She enjoys listening to Sting, Steely Dan, and The Beatles. Miss Kodi enjoys hunting mice, racing against the other dogs, tunneling, sun bathing, and reclining in her favorite chair.