1. A Thousand Sunny Days
    A good friend dies, a marriage crumbles, a tragic accident deals the final blow, leaving only Jason’s crew of discarded shelter dogs to help rebuild his life. The heartwarming canine stories are the canvas upon which Jason traces his journey from pain to forgiveness and his struggle to find faith in both himself and something larger. With vivid and insightful prose, Jason captures the unique personalities and pack dynamics as new members enter and old friends say farewell. Jason finds that his dogs, who instinctively know how to sustain successful lifelong bonds, hold the keys to understanding the broken relationships in his own life. Jason’s misfit companions prove healing sometimes comes from the most unexpected places.
  2. The Lucas Chronicles: "The Skin You're In"
    A guard dog named Buddy discovers a lost, hungry puppy hiding on his ranch and must decide whether to risk his job by letting her stay. Throwing caution to the wind, Buddy and his friend, Simone Raccoon, adopt Miss Biscuit and help her get back on her paws again. Miss Biscuit’s (mostly) true “Dogumentary” of her journey from hard times to happiness shows how a little act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life.
  3. The Lucas Chronicles: "The Skin You're In"
    Teen angst isn't confined to the human heart. Young Guy Phratees will do anything to fit in with the other dogs. Anxious about the upcoming dance, he adopts a half-baked scheme to tan away his embarrassing freckles. When an unfortunate color change shatters his dream of finding true love, his friends help restore his coat and, more importantly, his sense of self-worth. Available Fall 2017